Parental allowance calculator: How much money do I get parents?

The parental allowance is a benefit of the State for all parents who primarily care for their child in the first months itself. Our parental benefit calculator you can calculate your personal parental benefits
Important to know: How much money will I get parents after the birth of my child? Admittedly, the calculation is not easy because the rules on parental benefits are extremely complex. But: Our family allowance calculator, you can easily and determine your entitlement to parental benefit themselves quickly.

Elterngeld calculate the parental benefit calculator

The parental allowance is a so-called income replacement benefit, the amount depends on income before birth. It is paid for a maximum of twelve months. As a basis for calculating parental benefits, the average income of the twelve month volume before the birth of the child. Who in the twelve months prior to birth had (housewives, students, unemployed) receive a monthly amount of 300 euro no income. Otherwise: They get 67 percent of the average net income, but a maximum of 1,800 euros. Who deserves more than 250,000 euro, is not entitled to parental benefits. The parental allowance is not taxed.

In multiple pregnancies, the minimum as well as the maximum amount by 300 euros increase.

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How long benefit is paid?

Together, parents can receive a maximum of 14 months of parental money. The parents may divide among themselves, who want to stay at home as long. If only one parent stays at home, parental benefits for up to one year is paid out. If the partner is also at least two months parental leave takes the parental allowance is paid for two more months.
What changes when parental allowance Plus?

From 1 July 2015, there will be a family allowance scheme, which has a favorable effect for families who work part-time. Because so far it is worthwhile for parents hard to work part-time, as long as they are entitled to parental benefits because the income from part-time work is offset against the parental allowance, so parental benefits reduced. Financially better go especially mothers usually happens when they do not work during the first year of their child. This injustice should be remedied now: With the new law, parents can receive up to 28 months of parental money. It is then more than half of the regular parental allowance. And if both parents share the care of their child and work for at least four months from 25 to 30 hours a week, they also have received the Partnership bonus. then for four months they will also receive parental benefits. To learn more about the new parental allowance plus:

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