Cum on your mobile phone: So go fertility tests today

The smart phone can do. In the future, even measure the quality of sperm by men. US researchers have developed a test that can be performed easily by ist.Jedes app sixth couple in Germany has an infertility. Men just as likely as women to meet the sterility it. It is about twelve percent of men worldwide who have problems with fertility. Now the hurdle to get tested his own sperm quality will be lower. Men will no longer be dependent on stressful and often embarrassing visits to the hospital now, they may instead be assessed the quality of their sperm on cheap and easy way: US researchers have developed a sperm-check system for private use. According idea in the journal "Science Translational Medicine" check should be to handle as a pregnancy test similarly simple. So far, the system exists only as a prototype, an approval to the US authorities but is planned.

Fertility Test on the phone

In order to measure the quality of the sperm with the smart phone, the mobile phone is attached to an optical accessory. one not prepared sperm sample can now be loaded in a way one-clip and pushed into the accessory. Now the camera of the smartphone analyzed the sperm concentration and motility - in less than five seconds. An app helps the user to the application. The material costs are expected to amount, according to the researchers to no more than four euros.

Sperm Test with a smartphone

Thus, the fertility test fuktioniert with the smartphone

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The team led by principal investigator Hadi Shafiee from Harvard Medical School has tested the system in 350 sperm samples and the accuracy of the results compared with conventional fertility tests. Here, the sperm-check system for household use achieved an accuracy of more than 98 percent for samples with a concentration of less than 15 million sperm per millimeter and / or a percentage of motile sperm is less than 40 percent. Thus, the system allows a reliable assessment of sperm quality based on the quality criteria of the World Health Organization.
possible for the control of vasectomy patients

Another use for the system see researchers in the follow-up of vasectomy patients. Because in order to check the success of sterilization, patients need to check regularly for several weeks whether their semen remains largely free of sperm. These patients need to see a doctor regularly. A system for home would be a great relief for these patients. 

Without medical care is not about

For a first orientation such a system is certainly useful, but does not represent a substitute for a laboratory diagnosis by a specialist. Because in an investigation, for example, not only the sperm count and motility checked, but also other parameters such as the shape. A trained examiner also see whether other cells are located in the sample that can provide evidence of testicular failure or other diseases. Even the personal relationship to the doctor who helps men to deal with the result is important and can not be replaced by a self-test.

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