Colorful fabric cornet for boys and girls

A cornet with the ABC - fits for girls and for boys. We'll show you how to craft the material cornet. Sewing skills you do not need it.

Material for the fabric Schultüte

Fabric cornet with ABC

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• Schultüte blank, 70 cm
• substance in yellow, 50 x 65 cm
• floral fabric, 50 x 60 cm
• striped fabric, 45 x 70 cm
• ribbon "flowers" in Pink
• fusible web, 8 x 40 cm
• Hot glue
• fabric glue
• template for the cover and the lettering

Here's how: Instructions

➤ Print out the templates in DIN A4 format. Make sure that your printer does not shrink the templates by mistake. The cut sheet for the polymer coating consists of eight prints. These are numbered accordingly. Add all items to a large cut sheet, and transfer these to the fabric.

cut ➤ the floral material for the bag according to template A (upper part up to the dotted line), thereby add 1 cm for the envelope on the upper edge. For the bag top cut the striped fabric with pinking shears after presentation C, line a. Only the large fabric blank, then stick the blank for the tip to the treats, folding the top edge inwardly addition and fix.

➤ For the sleeve of the striped fabric cut a strip of 17 x 70 cm, lengthwise double-lay and curling the long cutting edges with a Kräuselfaden to 62 cm. fix the cloth strip to the inner bag edge with hot glue and evert outwardly. The yellow sleeve (40 x 65 cm) in this space smoothly. To do this, use the hot glue.

iron ➤ The fusible web on an appropriately sized piece of the yellow substance which assists 6 transferred backwards on the web and cut out. then place the letters on the cornet and fix it with fabric glue.

➤ The Schultüte with small gifts fill the fabric of the cuff 15 cm turn inwards and bind with the loop tape.

Our tip: If you want to nachbasteln the cornet for a boy, then adjust the color selection of the materials accordingly. The design of the sugar cube is so neutral that it can adapt well to the wishes of your Childs.

Christopher Publisher: Schultüten we make even

From: Schultüten we do yourself! Quite simply made of paper & material
Marion Dawidowski

Hooray, the first day of school is here! What may be missing because in no case? A bulging, motley Schultüte course. And because the Schultüte the pride of every first-graders, is also a very special here must - preferably homemade! Whether with funny owl, dangerous pirate, a sly fox or multicolored floral: These fanciful treats made of fabric, paper and felt every first grader is his favorite subject.

48 pages, about 9.99 euros
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