make salt dough itself

make salt dough itself is easy! With the homemade modeling clay can be also of very young children knead great things. Here our Lieblingsrezepte.Salzteig's salt dough because it contains a large amount of salt. In kindergartens or in handicraft afternoons at home, he is extremely popular: The ingredients you have more abundantly home, he can make fast - and he is favorable also! Salt dough can be as easily molded clay - and if it is dry, it can be painted with water colors and of course painted. We tested different recipes and make them the classic recipe and our favorite recipe before.

Salt dough - the classic recipe

➤ 2 parts flour
➤ 1 part salt
➤ 1 part Water


The classic play dough consists of just three ingredients: salt, flour and water. It can be mixed easily a great modeling.

Salt dough - recipe with strength for especially easy moldable dough

➤ 1.5 cups flour
➤ half a cup of starch
➤ 1 cup salt
➤ 1 cup water
➤ 2 tablespoons oil


With starch and oil of salt dough becomes more elastic and more easily modeled. Here we tell you our favorite recipe for salt dough.

After molding, the works of art one can air dry or two days, then allowed to cure an hour in the oven at 150 degrees. Afterwards, the finished pieces can be painted to suit your mood with watercolors. With clear lacquer they look especially pretty.

Tip: Salt dough can be colored with food coloring. In a Tupperware or plastic wrap can be kept packed few days in the refrigerator.


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Kneading is great fun for kids! here we have a lot of kneading ideas for small and larger children. Have fun!

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