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Friendship Bracelets are a fashion accessory, a loving proof of friendship and a wonderful pastime in one. make friendship bracelets itself is easy! We show you the video and still images, as it gets.

Children six years can try out their first bond of friendship - and will be guaranteed full zeal in the matter. This simple striped pattern is recommended for the first attempts, as it is tied in one direction only and with only one knotting.

establish friendship bracelet - Here's

Each node consists of two loops - and depending on the choice of color and arrangement of the node arise great patterns. Our tip: Start with a simple friendship bracelet! If that goes easy on the hand, you can get close to more difficult patterns.

You need: Colorful cotton yarn. The threads in your favorite colors should be about 1.10 m long. Start best to start with four strings.

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➤Alle required yarns are knotted together with a node with 10 cm distance from the yarn end. Pull the knot too tightly, he must be released at the end:

➤ Now arrange the threads in accordance with the desired order.

Tip: The best way to establish the bond of friendship when you attach it with tape at the table or with a safety pin on the jeans.

➤ For each node, there is a Knotting and a guide. So that the band is nice and even, it is important that the guide is always taut.

➤ Start with the thread on the far left: Put it on the second thread, pull the end through the loop from back to front. The practice shows that if the first of the two loops pulled taut and the second is wound a little looser, the friendship bracelet looks especially nice and evenly.

➤ Repeat this procedure, the first thread is the Knüpffaden, the second of the guide. Now you have a double knot in the thread color, which was at the beginning of the far left.

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➤ It is this thread remains in this first node number of Knüpffaden. Now he draws with the same technique, two loops and the thread that is third from the left.

➤ Repeat this process with the last thread.

➤ The result is a series of double knots in the color of the first thread.

➤ Now is the currently left thread of Knüpffaden. Loop with him back in the direction from left to right, two each with a double knot around each of the three threads. And already the second row is finished!

➤ node you until your bracelet achieved with this technique further, the desired length.

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➤ Open the upper node and braiding the loose ends at the lower and upper ends to each a small braid. As you weave with four threads, refer to our knot Gallery Friendship Bracelets.

➤ Connect the band with a tight knot.

➤ And there goes your friendship bracelet!

You want the images of the steps described here in detail and see in large format:


A simple friendship bracelet is easy to create for children from the first grade. Our guide shows how it works.

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