Witch make-up in 3 steps

1, 2, 3 and even make-up artist Sarah Gärtner had turned this young lady in a naughty witch. And you can - with our make-up instructions.

makeup witch - To manage works:

makeup Witch: Basic Manual

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• water soluble make-up color to black,
   Purple, light blue and white
• a Schminkschwämmchen
• a round brush

makeup witch - Here's how:

➤ Dab the sponge a little light blue half-moon shape over and around the eye.

➤ Drag the round brush a curved line in purple from the center of the bridge of the nose almost to the hairline and blur the line lightly with a sponge. also pull in a discreet purple line from the eye to the outside.

➤ You paint the lips purple.

➤ Draw with the round brush and black make-up paint a spider web on the light blue primer.

➤ Put with white highlights on some of the spider web. Those who wish can now even the little witch paint a spider on his forehead.

makeup Witch: Guide

make-up witch

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For a better understanding we have again shown here all the individual steps for you in a short Photogallery:


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