40 petitions for baptism

Intercessions at a baptism can be read by several people as the Taufeltern, godparents or siblings alternately. Here comes a little Auswahl.Fürbitten are a beautiful part of a christening. With prayers parents, godparents, grandparents will be able to formulate their own personal desires for the person being baptized in the form of a small prayer. You may formulate your intercessions free - or be inspired by our proposals.

Intercessions for baptism

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Intercessions are paralleled in Catholic and Protestant church services. A prayer turns directly to God and usually begins with the salutation "Good God". "Dear God". "Lord in heaven" or "Father in heaven", Then the actual intercession comes in the form of a wish. Each intercession is with the community "We beseech Thee, hear us." completed. Most prayers are recited in the change and standing. The intercessions for the baptism of a child of the person being baptized and his parents are the focus.

Intercessions - the child's characteristics

• Let us pray that ... will we in future years for good friend and enrich their lives as our lives.

• We pray for the child who has been christened: the preservation of the good plants for the joy of life and the friendliness and the ability to discover the many opportunities of life and use.

• Lord, we ask you to give this child quality - properties that it can be to what it is and will be always - every day a little more.

• Lord, we pray that it will never have to be you have to leave all nice people fear.

• God, we pray for ...
... strengthen his / her hands and everything they do. They may be tender and careful in helping, comforting and blessing.
... enlighten his / her eyes so they can see the beauty in the world and people are happy if they are / viewed by him or her
... open their ears his / so that they are noisy, if someone calls for help; so that he / she has an open ear for others and can carefully listen to your self.
... placate his / her mouth so he says kind words, whoever he / she encounters, but can also be silent in a secret.
... wake his / her nose, so he / she can smell the fragrance of flowers, bread and loved ones and to look forward to it.
... protect his / her heart to keep it strong, even when other / she hurt him, and it jumps for joy when he / she laughs with others. We ask you, God, today and every day.

• That it learns to see with his own eyes and hear with his own ears that it forms his own opinion and not to be influenced by evil, that it courageously for his convictions, and finds his own way.

• Dear God, please do that this man is open, has for your good news, always other people at his side and can be a support for other people.

Intercessions of Health & security

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    Lord, protect our children of all walks and let them stay healthy in body and soul.

  • 2/6

    we pray for ... that they may grow up in security and freedom, and later found good friends as companions.

  • 3/6

    God, you have entrusted us with this child. Grant that in him trust can grow. Forbid it in this dangerous world that it is no harm, neither his body nor his soul.

  • 4/6

    Lord, we pray that more people are with him, who accept it as it is, the love which it can rely, which are available to it and help him - and that also love to learn with all his heart.

  • 5/6

    That it remains healthy and his parents enjoy, confesses in his entire life to Jesus Christ because he is the light of the world and the way in which we find happiness.

  • 6/6

    We pray that this child can grow up happy and healthy. Standing du him in if it is sad or sick.

• Lord, we ask you to give this child hands that do not have to think twice whether they help and should be good.

• Lord, we ask that you give, this child enough rest and adequate sleep, work, enjoy, people who love it and affirm and encourage him; but also people who confirm that it encouraging that may be his role model that will help him when it is tired and sad exhausted.

• Lord, we ask you to give this child a lot of good ideas and a heart that weiterschenkt bathed in joy and this joy.

• Lord, we ask that you give, this child to master strength, energy and courage life and to find peace with you, yourself and the world.

• Lord, my God, fulfill your baptismal candidate of your kindness and let him be kind to the people in need in later years of his goodness.

• Lord, my God, our Täufling give patience and let him be patient towards his fellow man. Let him endure their weaknesses and mistakes and let him find who know how to tolerate his weaknesses and mistakes with patience and humans.

• Lord, my God, give our baptized confidence in the people who surround him. Give that people also give him confidence and enrich his life.  

Intercessions - parents and encounters

• Good Father, accompany him on his life and give him always meeting people who enrich his life, making exciting and interesting.

• Dear God, we thank you for this new life. Let the parents, who this child is entrusted to it growing up as a personality and respect rather than to narrow it through love.

• Give us the stamina to be there for our children whenever they need us and give us the inner serenity, where they need their space.

• We have this child given a name. There never should feel quite alien and alone.

• Lord, we pray that it is open to your good news and it will help for his life.

• Let ... grow to the delight of parents and the whole family. For let ... good friends who give their help and support in her / his life. Help that ... once affirms the belief in free will, the now confess the parents and godparents representative. Give all who are responsible for the education of ..., a keen conscience so that they can perform their duties fairly.

• Open our hearts and our minds that we help this child to unfold freely and independently.


Profound blessings and beautiful proverbs for baptism can be found here in our gallery - Psalm to modern & cool.

• Help to be parents and siblings, tender and patient. Move them and so we tell us of your love.

• We also think of the many children who have so much harder: children who grow up in the middle of war and deprived almost all children who lack clothing, shelter, food and care.

• For parents and godparents that they are responsible for the child always remain conscious.

• Lord, my God, give your Täufling sponsors who accept his and give also the godfather a person baptized, who loved and cared for from them white.

• Lord, my God, give your Täufling loving parents and the parents a child who is her love sure that it will not unsafe and can resist the temptations of life.

• Let ... grow to the delight of parents and the whole family. For let ... good friends who give their help and support in her / his life. Help that ... once affirms the belief in free will, the now confess the parents and godparents representative.

• Give all those who are responsible for the education of ..., a keen conscience so that they can perform their duties fairly.
Thanks prayers for baptism

• Thank you, Heavenly Father, that I was born of water and spirit new to the baptism. I may call your child, because you called me from sin and death and gave me share in your life.

Thank you, Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, for your death and your resurrection. As the branch to the vine, I am connected to you; I am member on your body, added to the holy people to the praise of the glory of the Father.

I thank you, Holy Spirit that your love has been poured into our hearts. You live in me and want me to lead a life that bears witness to God and serving the brothers. So I can once received with all the saints the legacy that is prepared for those who love God.


Baptism is an important day - and the gift is to make the person being baptized and the parents a long time. We have collected the most beautiful gift ideas.

• You keep heaven and earth, God, we thank you for air and food, sun and clouds. We ask your imagination and confidence for all who work to preserve creation, to serve peace among people and nations and to promote equitable distribution of all goods.

You free the oppressed, God, we thank you for our freedom and our dignity. We ask you for courage and strength for those who have to fight for dignity and freedom for the people ... and ... for all the poor of this earth.

You renew the mind and heart, O God, we thank you for our hope and our joy. We pray for all who are looking for hope and joy, for the addicts of life weary, for all refugees and homeless, for all who mourn this earth.

You call us near you, God, we thank you for our baptism and for all brothers and sisters in faith. We pray for ourselves, for your Church: Give us courage to make your new life and your love in this world visible. To you be glory for ever.
Intercessions for the faith of the child

• We ask the Lord for ... that he always remain in his love. Jesus, give that he hears preserved and realized your Gospel! We ask the Lord for the parents, godparents, brothers and sisters, that ... is with them love and security. Help all the baptized in the world to prove themselves as Christians.

• We want to ask for the baptism of our child. We would like to share it days of childhood in our Christian faith. And we take the risk of faith into it just as our parents were baptized once, and for which we are grateful.

• We ask especially the sponsors, all the relatives and friends, not least the community, the child and to help us as parents there. We hope and wish that this child will see again as an adult in this belief a home that holds our common faith alive in his own way and is happy in it. For all other children and adults who are preparing for baptism that they get to know Jesus Christ as their friend and companion.

• We ask that ... your blessings and feel can be a blessing to other people.

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