By sleeping: Top Tips for Baby

If the baby can sleep through the night, which is a relief for the whole family. Yet so simple that's not for little ones, they have to learn it first. Our tips on how it'll work faster by staying asleep.

When sleep through babies?

Even when babies sleep a lot from the beginning, the Asleep they have to learn slowly. In fact, there is even a large development step when babies can sleep through. So you should definitely have patience with your little ones and should not rush to expect too much.
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In the first months is not to think at a time of more than three to four hours of sleep - regardless of whether straight day or night is quite independent. A regular day-night cycle as we know it, babies develop earlier than the sixth month. Then the nighttime sleep phases over those a day are significantly longer. However, you should be aware that infants usually still no more than six to eight hours straight sleep. "Asleep" is therefore somewhat misleading basically.

Baby asleep: Tips

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In addition, it is also far beyond the first year of life beyond normal when children wake up at night still regularly: for example, because they are hungry or the diaper is wet. You will be so allow of supposed success stories of other parents under pressure. Even the rumor that bottle-fed babies would sleep through the night better than breastfeeding children is wrong. In addition, no blanket statement can meet. Just as on the impact of Abendbrei on sleep patterns of babies.
have as with anything Children also the subject of sleep a very unique pace of development. Staying asleep is a maturation process, not a diet phenomenon. And in any case there will always phases where the nights are restless. Is sick the baby, very upset or tired out, there will always sleep worse than normal.
So your baby can learn to sleep through the night

There are, however, a few Tipps with which it is easier for babies to learn to sleep through the night:
● babies appreciate routine. The same procedure always structured babies everyday and gives him by security. By a specify fixed daily routine, They work also for a good night. The routine helps the baby to develop a solid rhythm.
● Therefore thus should also be a solid Einschlafritual introduce. So the baby can learn that the active day is coming to an end and it is time to sleep. But that also means, now it should be quiet. Everything aufkratzt the baby, they should avoid. Dim the lights, cuddle still a game, read the baby before or sing him a bedtime song. It is important to maintain fixed times. This helps the baby to find his rhythm.
● Pay attention to the body language of the baby. Recognize the first signals that it is tired (Yawning, rubbing eyes), you should start with the Einschlafritual. Bring your baby to bed too late, it may be that it makes no eye first before fatigue.


We explain here the typical signals in the body language of your baby and be a little translator.

● It can also be helpful if the baby in his crib (whether bassinet, rollaway bed or family) asleep. It learns the Association between bed and sleep. Of course, this is not always possible. Some babies fall asleep while nursing or feeding, others need much physical contact. An attempt is worth it. Note that your baby fall eyes, put it in his crib. Painting or weigh it gently, until it is finally asleep. Also, you should disconnect locally between sleeping and playing.
● Watch your baby at night, it may be helpful, just turn on a dim light. Ideally, the one that knows your baby from Einschlafritual. So it can better arrange that it is actually still time to sleep.
If sleeping through will not work

As far as the beautiful theory. Of course we know that the topic of sleep, in practice not so simple can work off a points plan. You can help to develop its own rhythm your baby just gently there. And that takes time.

Falling asleep her little every night problems with it or sleep soundly, you should go to root cause analysis. Organic problems are rarely the cause of poor sleep. More likely are dysregulation: the baby is not able to calm himself. As for example, can help the spitting. Read more about typical sleeping problems in babies in our article "The baby does not sleep? What you can do "

On the next page we have summarized for you how much sleep babies need at all - in the first months to toddler age.

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