Baby Development: The baby in the 3rd month

At three months, your baby is sleeping longer at night by and has for a day longer waking periods. There will always independent and alive. His motor skills is evolving and it can express his emotions better and better.

The senses are evolving

Baby Development: 3 months

Your baby is making great progress in its development. be heard above all the skills and to see evolve strongly in the third month. Your baby can now fix items in about 30 cm away and pursue his eyes.
Motor development

Your baby is learning to rely prone on the forearms, raising his head there and to keep a little longer. It exerts continue to turn from back to stomach. In addition, it learns to move his head and his limbs selectively and independently of the rest of the body.

Is your baby on her back, it touches everything that can see and reach.

Your child recognizes his hands more and more as a toy: it considers and examines them by a hand or individual fingers stuck in his mouth. It keeps the legs bent over the body.


With little accessories you can prepare your baby a huge swimming. We provide tips and suggestions.

Interact and conveying the 3rd month

Your baby is now interested in getting more for its environment and tries to socialize. He looks carefully if you feed him and turns to you when you talk to him. Through various sounds he tries to communicate with you and its environment. Joy he expressed for example by squealing and kicking. Tirelessly trained your baby's facial expressions and expression.

In the third month of life, you should put your baby different objects and materials into his open hands. This will promote his sense of touch. Baby mobiles and things dangling above his head, fascinate your baby and it will look enthusiastic.

Determined babbles your little treasure with three months like to himself. It can even predict known processes. Will he, for example. Bottle fed, he recognizes it and can express his joy. the infant bathing like he is very excited while taking the bath water. Provide fixed rituals in the daily routine of the baby. Play his music box, for example. Only when it is bedtime.

Animate the infant to raise his head in the prone position and help him in turning, when the beginning of the last momentum grows.

Baby raises head in the prone position

Toys animated your baby to lift his head in the prone position.

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Can your baby hold his head and swallowing function, sneezing and cough reflexes already, you can go with your baby from three months to the baby swimming. And if you want to attend a PEKiP course, now would be the right time.
Screening U4 - 3 to 4 months

Between 3 and 4 months of the U4 is due. The pediatrician checks if the infant develops physically age appropriate. It examines, for example, if your baby fix an object with the eyes and turn his head then, as it reacts to sounds and whether it can hold its head independently.

If your baby is three months old, the first vaccinations are on, unless you have chosen yourself. STIKO (Permanent Vaccination Committee) recommends infants from the age of 3 months, the first six-vaccination against tetanus, diphtheria, polio, whooping cough, Hib (Haemophilus influenza type 1 B) and hepatitis B (liver inflammation). You can get detailed advice of your pediatrician.
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