Baby Development: The baby in the 4th month

Your baby is now interested in his surroundings and can always targeted reach for things. In addition, babbles and laughs your baby now much. As you can play with it now.

The sense in the 4th month

Baby Development: 4th Month

End of the fourth month of life can fix distant objects or people and estimate the distance your baby. His eye movements should now be stable, that is, it no longer squints and no longer looks crosswise.

Your baby can link them supernatural abilities and attacks from what is visible and within reach. It no longer works reflexively, but tries to grasp Select a specific subject. By 6 months we will succeed better and better the baby.

With four months your baby to hold a rattle in his hand and happily generates noise. It also reacts clearly to sounds from all directions. While it can be heard even worse than an adult, but it can distinguish sounds and words and responds perhaps already to his name. In addition, it detects different tastes. The baby's sense of smell is now so far advanced that it shows preference for certain odors.
Muscle development, motor skills and coordination

The muscles of the back, chest and neck has developed. Her four-month-old baby can hold his head without much effort for a while automatically when it is based in the prone position on the hands and arms. It can turn from back to stomach and / or the other way around already. His weight has roughly doubled since birth.

The baby can lift his head and hold

The end of the 4th month can lift its head and hold for a while your baby.

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Your baby wants to be with your support all the time. Here, however, his knees buckling an even more because they can not hold his weight. Your baby should it occur with all feet on the base and not prancing on his toes.

Your baby's fingering technique is quite good and it polishes on it. Towards the end of the 4th month your child can already grab lying for objects that can be held up his side on the back. The coordination between eye and hand to evolve.
Interact and conveying the 4th month

If your baby is four months old, laughs and babbles a lot and it is very active. It is interested in its environment and moves his head and eyes when it noticed somewhere activity. Most like the baby is raised so that it can monitor the environment.

If people familiar enter the room or leave the baby responds happily and cries. It you want to know as a mom and / or dad now getting near him. People familiar stretches it against the little arms, so they take it.

play with the baby

You can now play with your baby a bit.

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Your baby can now feelings as resentment and joy, show by turning away, stretching out the arms or different facial expressions. It is now very curious and you can already play a bit with him. Put him eg. A cloth on the face and pull it down again. This first form of the cuckoo-game love most babies and will show the laughing, contented chuckle and kicking. After a short time your baby is already pulling the cloth itself from his face and happily wait for the "cuckoo".

Otherwise, it is interested in everything that it can just grab. No glasses, necklace or hair strand is in front of his ever becoming more targeted attacks safely.

Give the baby toys or objects to play and explore. It learns a lot through touch, smell, taste and look. Show him a toy and move it back and forth. To encourage the baby to turn. Toys that make sounds and move as well as dolls with a human face fascinate the baby particular attention.

While your baby is now again a bit more alert and lively, but it takes nine to 14 hours of sleep a day.

Have you been in the baby swimming? The baby can move much safer than on dry land in the first months of life in the water. there he succeeds movements to which it would otherwise not be able.
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