Baby Development: The baby in the fifth month

Your baby is in the fifth month and more curious about the world and explore things that gets it to grab with his mouth. In addition, its coordination developed. How can you continue to promote and why you should now speak a lot with your baby.

Baby Development: 5th month

The senses in the 5th month

Your baby hears and sees now getting better. The end of the 5th month, it does both about as good as an adult. While it looks at objects too, but mostly it uses its mouth and tongue to explore (oral phase).

If your baby is already showing interest, you can gradually begin supplementation.
Strong bond to mom

Your baby now has a strong bond with you as a mother and as a parent. It has developed a basic trust in you and stretches you his little arms against. If you leave the room, it starts to whine or cry. You come back, it says. In addition, your child gradually shows skepticism and restraint in front of strangers. This behavior will continue to mint in the coming months.
Muscle movement and coordination in the 5th month

In the fifth month, your baby is very agile. It discovered his body and likes to take his toes in his mouth. The baby's movements are coordinated and liquid. Perhaps your baby can now turn from the abdomen to the back. Thanks to the further development of the muscles your baby can lift its head independently and remain stable. 

Baby five months plays with his feet

Own feet are now the favorite toy.

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Your baby likes to look around and take his surroundings carefully. If it wants something, it stretches out his hands afterwards. Since both halves of the brain to connect more in the fifth month of each other and the coordination is better, your child can be objects from one hand to the other gradually.

Grasping at things is gradually targeted. Yet it happens with the whole hand (Palmargriff) by the object pressed into his hand and the fingers are closed around it. So your baby "pats" to the toys, but his fine motor skills is evolving. You may observe that the feet and the uninvolved hand join in the gripping motion of the accessing hand.
employ the baby in the fifth month and promote

Baby looking out from under a blanket

"Cuckoo, I'm" - Babies love the first games of hide with cloth.

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Is your baby awake, it would be busy. Particularly impressed, it is at this age of his reflection, which it turns to fascination. Otherwise, it loves simple rhyme, voice and finger plays and hiding and "cuckoo".

Picture books, balls and toys, the wheels have to stand with your baby now also very popular. In addition, it likes to make noise and explores its play mat or the Mobile Acitvity its center. It babbles happily to himself and shows his state of mind through different sounds and facial expressions.

To promote his language development, you should have a lot of talk with your baby and everything comment with simple short sentences ( "Look, Dad comes" or "Listen, Music"). During the joint viewing of picture books that goes especially well. Also play simple finger and musical plays with your child.


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Promote its activity with age-appropriate baby toys: large blocks, rattles and things that can take the baby safely in his mouth or throw. Rain you grab your baby to to things with both hands.
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