Baby Development: The baby in 9 months

Your child is becoming increasingly mobile. It is curious and tempted by robben and crawl to get to interesting objects. What there is now, and how to promote it.

Baby Development: 9 months

Babies movement and motor skills

If the baby is in the ninth month, it has made such great progress in his motor development that it can safely sit and look around. Many babies are beginning to learn to crawl. An intermediate step to this is the seals. Some babies crawl forward, some backward. Other crawl, nor did they crawl, but they move forward in their own way. Either way, the main thing is your little treasure shows interest in moving from the spot and tried.

Your baby begins to spread out sometimes your legs, furniture and other items to stand high. By nine months, it can support its own weight with the feet standing, only the balance can not hold.

An object can take the other and selectively dropping the baby from one hand. It now makes it especially fun to let things fall down on purpose. Maybe your baby for nine months can clap their hands and use them with a string between your thumb and index finger an object to itself. "Hints waving" goodbye works for most babies this age already.
The baby communicates with you

Your baby clearly shows in 9 months if there is something or someone likes or dislikes. It resists eg. At unpopular things such as washing, winding or brushing your teeth. If it wants to have an object further away, it may suggest to signal this

Known finger plays, nursery rhymes and children's songs recognize the baby and it laughs at the appropriate places.

Interact and play with the nine month old baby

If your baby is nine months old, you can promote its development by offering him many items that can examine it with your hands. Place also several interesting things beyond his reach to animate it for crawling.

Babies with balloon

Playing together does not work yet

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Most of all, it is now occupied with household goods, where it can open doors, flaps and lid and close. But even with building blocks, picture books, pillows and blankets, as well as with everything makes sounds and moves, it likes to play.

Slowly can start something with peers your baby. While playing together does not work yet, but side by side playing for the better.

Everyday routines taught now security to your child. Perform rituals one getting up, eating and bedtime. For example, let run music or sing with your child and clap it. To animate it to join
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