Baby spit – or rather not?

That's the question asked by many parents. Midwives, guide books and other parents swear by this winding technique to calm the baby. But pediatricians warn repeatedly of the dangers of Puckens.

What's spitting at all?

Spit (in English it is called swaddling) is called the technique in which one wrapping a baby tightly in a cloth or blanket. The whole thing has two ulterior motives: Once intended by fixing the limb to the body of Moro reflex be weakened. This is innate and ensures that the baby to sudden noises and vibrations abruptly spread his arms and legs - even if the baby is asleep or is just about to fall asleep. Through the movement, it scares and is suddenly torn out of the relaxation. Secondly, the wrapped cloth intended to give the baby a corner, which is still the soothing comfort from the uterus knows. In particular, the last aspect of it is that einleuchtet even most lay people. Finally, one can well imagine how overwhelming it must be for a newborn to suddenly be completely free in the big cold world without leaving the warmth and protective limit in Mom's belly. 

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Helps spitting the baby really sleeping?

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So much for the theory, and in practice?

Studies on spitting show that this winding technique actually has positive effects on babies. So swaddled children sleep longer on average and are in between less spontaneous sound. So spit promotes more restful sleep of babies. Likewise could be observed in studies that primarily cry babies by spitting soothes faster could be and the writing time overall significantly decreased. In addition, the spit to the acceptance of healthier supine position help when the baby otherwise prefers to sleep in the prone position.
warn pediatricians: "Spitting is unnecessary and dangerous"

Many pediatricians is the spitting still an eyesore. The professional association of paediatricians e. V. (BVKJ) 2012 has taken a stand for spitting and discourages the winding technique *. Because is proved also: spitting increases Risk of hip dysplasia the baby. If the baby swaddled too tightly can probably nerve pinched and the breathing impaired be (V. A. on crying and crying). In addition, there is a risk of Flattening of the back of the head, if the baby is too long and often by spitting in the supine position. The BVKJ also includes the risk of overheating and dehydration the baby's back, especially in summer and in heated rooms. Recently, the Association also the meaning of Puckens in question because the swaddled child can not "in the womb" feel. There it lay in the fetal position and had at least a little room to move - the child is the usual spitting technique but stretched out and is in its Freedom of movement severely restricted. And would cry less the child only because it through the limited awareness frustrated and passive becomes; because it simply gives up. For the purposes of the healthy mental and physical development is therefore better to refrain from spitting.

The one-sided opinion of BVKJ brings the spitting advocates into a rage, which include many experienced midwives are today. They refute the critical arguments of BVKJ so that these alone on a false spitting hold true. Correct spitting, that is with the right technology and the necessary care would harm no child.
Therefore: If spit, then right!

This one reads again and again: spitting is not a panacea. But it can provide a huge relief parents of cry babies. So if you want to try the spitting, then you can show the proper technique, for example, your midwife. Also, read the following points well to expose your child to spit no risk.

So goes real spitting

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    What can help babies spit?

    See the spit as a way to calm very quengelige babies. Especially in cry baby and babies who have serious problems with falling asleep, the spit can be tried. Children who never or only whine in normal measure of need, Not be swaddled. Babies who have to wear a spreader for hip problems, should also Not be swaddled. Also pay attention to the signals your child - some babies do not like it easy to be swaddled.

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    When and how long can you spit babies?

    can be swaddled newborns up to the age of about two to three months. As soon as the child can rotate independently from back to stomach, may no longer be swaddled! Swaddling your baby too only sleeping, mainly at night when the sleep phases should be slightly longer.

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    How should spit the baby?

    If you have previously tightly wrapped both upper lower body of the baby, we now know that the need more space legs and not fixed belong, not to cause hip dysplasia. The baby's arms also do not need to be stretched; hands can be placed to suck even to his face. The face must always remain free while spitting!

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    What can you spit?

    is swaddled with a thin Baumwolldecke, one Puck cloth or Puck bag. Modern and good Puck aids help to spit the baby properly and let the legs enough space. Leave to consult your midwife or other experts.

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    What to look also at the spitting?

    Swaddled baby must on his back lie! The prone position would increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Make sure that it is not too warm your baby and check the by feeling his neck.
    Unfortunately, the body contact is lost by the spitting frequently, the baby crying instead of Gepucktseins the majority of poor parents would have had. Therefore, make sure that your baby is still possible much body contact has with you. That you succeed as your baby by the frequent type of carrier.


Swaddling your baby?

  • Yes, if you do it right, I see no problem.
  • I've never tried it, but it will definitely test times.
  • I've tried it before, but my baby does not like the spitting.
  • No, if pediatricians and other Epxerten advise against it, then I'll leave them the finger.


* Paediatricians warn of spitting: "Spitting is unnecessary and dangerous for infants" - the whole article is read here


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