Breastfeeding and decrease: Decrease in lactation

Breastfeeding helps many mothers lose weight after pregnancy and childbirth. Why is that and why do not breastfeeding diet you sollten.Ärgern not about a few pounds baby bacon more on the ribs. After all, you do not want to annoy your body, but has the Fat deposits in pregnancy created for a reason. With these love handles, it ensures that the baby can also be supplied in the first months after birth with all the essential nutrients.

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And that's why - so the plan of nature - take many mothers from through breastfeeding. to form the breast milk and breastfeeding itself takes strength and energy and your body automatically burns more calories than in the "normal state" before pregnancy: about 400 to 600 extra calories.

However, it is very much on their own hormonal balance depends on how much and whether you lose weight. After pregnancy, the body must make a more radical change and, unfortunately, it is often the case that has become sluggish through pregnancy metabolism. Then the removal is much more difficult.

No diet during lactation

A radical diet you should still start breast-feeding under any circumstances. In the fat deposits to environmental toxins have accumulated. With a strict diet, you force your body to break down these fat reserves. Here come the released toxins directly into the breast milk. Much better it is, therefore, a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables eighth. Fiber-rich foods should now also part of every meal.


We have seven tips to help your pelvic floor is neither overloaded nor underutilized after birth.

Also make sure to take enough calcium, iron, zinc and iodine to be well enough to drink. Here, mothers should rather resort to unsweetened tea and water than sugary drinks. But one healthy eating while breastfeeding is of course not only for the mother well, but above all for babies very important. Finally it takes to breastfed everything the mom has eaten up with.
Sport after pregnancy

Keep fit for your baby. And in addition to a healthy diet that includes plenty of movement. This does not mean, excessive sports. Give your body time to recover from the exhausting pregnancy and from the rigors of childbirth. The rule of thumb: only six weeks after giving birth, you should start with mild postnatal exercises. Have you had a caesarean section, you should consult voice your doctor when you can start with the sport.

However allowed from the start are long walks. The boost your metabolism and help with weight loss gentle. Leave it with the decrease in breastfeeding so go slow. Not for nothing, there has always been the midwives wisdom: "Nine months is the belly, and he needs nine months to go again."

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