Happy Birthday, Baby! Tips for the first child’s birthday

It does not take much effort to make the first birthday very special for the baby to something. On the contrary, less is more.

We celebrate the first child's birthday!

The first child's birthday is primarily for the parents a special event. For them it is a significant incision: a look back at an eventful year in every respect, the pride at how the baby has developed, the joy of his progress - but also a bit melancholy about the fact that the first birthday baby age so passes slowly into the toddler years.

Of course it is a matter of honor for parents to make their children's first birthday especially beautiful. And that's easy. The only thing they have to do: think about what her little one really likes. And from the program for the first birthday party is created by itself.

celebrate 1st birthday

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celebrate the first birthday as possible on a small scale

Even though most children begin now to care for their peers, as guests they are still largely superfluous. Because mom and dad are the main caregivers. In other words, the greatest joy makes you his child, if one devotes a lot of time and attention.

resolve and the associated volume and unrest eventually overload and over-stimulation, and then the good mood quickly turns into fretfulness - too many guests - Grandma, Grandpa, befriended mothers, "colleagues" from the toddler group.

The well-known rule "so many children Birthday guests such as years of life" is a very good guideline, whether it is the preferred playmate from the toddler group or godmother. invite several guests at the same time, quickly overwhelmed the ability to concentrate the little ones. Among the many faces and voices still come specially those gifts that then all must be equal to unpack, so the proud Schenker can take a picture of it. No question, this can be a small birthday child overkill quickly.

Interview with Dr. Anne Henning, a developmental psychologist

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    infant&co: How much program tolerate a child for his first child's birthday?

    Dr. Anne Henning: That depends on its level of development. An important point is whether it can run already. If so, then it is likely that there will also use this ability and does not want to sit somewhere quiet.

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    infant&co: Is there any type of question at this age, how much excitement can withstand a child?

    Dr. Anne Henning: One even has been producing at four month old baby found that some react curious about unknown things and that in other new firstly triggers fear. There are also significant differences in how much a child can be excited by new experiences in a positive and negative sense.

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    infant&co: How to make a child's birthday for the child to a special day?

    Dr. Anne Henning: By not overwhelmed it, but follows his interests. At this age, the interaction begins with a person in relation to an object. This includes the show with which it wishes to draw the attention to something other. In this phase, therefore, for example, a trip to the zoo, where you can share new impressions with its main caregivers make the day more beautiful.

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    infant&co: Is one over "classic" Birthday Party on the needs of the child?   

    Dr. Anne Henning: respect, yes, as a child still lack the time dimension in this age and also the self-understanding. Because it can not perceive as a separate person, it fails to understand why it should be the focus. To children who are reluctant temperamentally, it can be daunting even if the house is full at once and many people with whom they are possible as little familiar, seeking their attention.

therefore try to keep the celebration in the smallest possible frame and to celebrate with only the closest family members. This sounds good in theory, is practically not always feasible, we know that. Grandma and Grandpa come now time for two, as well as aunt and uncle who still bring the two cousins. Our tip: Stretch the celebrations throughout the day, if need be over a few days, and invite guests to various dates one. 
What about with gifts?

Baby opens a gift

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As nice as a new sense book, a stuffed animal or toy that makes music may be - they are not the main purpose of the celebration. is much too abstract especially for a child of twelve months, the mental conception of "children's birthday" yet. What is celebrated is the annuals so care less - but that is celebrated, it noted, of course, and looks forward to the special atmosphere of this day.

Especially does not mean completely different. to be able to pursue his favorite pastimes in a familiar environment, it is without doubt the best thing for a freshly baked annuals. And that's just a small portion of a type question: Even the entdeckungsfreudigsten children need at certain intervals, the ability to withdraw.
For large parties later is still enough time

Basically: The absence of an elaborate party program is the safest way, stress and tears on the child's birthday to avoid. And when parents are, after all then most relaxed when they do not charge by the birthday party an excessive amount of additional work and can thereby possibly stress. the parents feel comfortable about wearing directly on the baby and provides the desired harmony.

And parents should not forget that the child is the focus, not their own ideas about what's all part of the "perfect" to a children's birthday party. This means that you can align the end of the day on the basic needs of the child, that is sleeping, eating and playing. "Take it easy" therefore is the best motto for the first anniversary.

Of course, many parents still have to make their child's 1st birthday to a small event the desire, some even with professional help. Tip: Train yourself just a little patience, because this effort will bring your kid earlier than the second anniversary of a more fun and joy; for themed parties and the like in kindergarten and primary school age still plenty of time. But who uses the first child's birthday as a moment to pause and focus on the essentials, the cohesion of the family, has just more of it. For the best present there is anyway not buy: love and attention.


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