Baby Development: The Baby in the second month

In the second month, the senses of your baby develop. He can see and getting better as smell. Why he sucks in everything and how you can make your little treasure with great pleasure.

Baby Development: Month 2

Further development of the senses

If the infant is now squinting or looking over cross with the eyes, this is quite normal. He can not control his eyes perfectly. He still looks blurry and needs objects and faces in the distance of 25 to 30cm fix to see them properly. He learns to distinguish faces and track moving things with the eyes.

The baby's hearing is getting worse rather than at birth in the second month of life. Sounds and voices fascinate your child anyway and it looks to the head, the direction from which the sound comes. Your baby is now starting to make itself sounds and thereby to listen fascinated. Your baby responds to sounds not, you should investigate it by the pediatrician on hearing impairments or developmental disabilities.

The infant may discover sweet odors and that sucking at the breast does not only tired but also reassuring. To achieve the same effect, the infant sucks two months to their own hands and all kinds of objects.
raise the head

A baby with two months can be a bit control his head already: In the upright position it can hold his head briefly itself; Raise even briefly in the prone position. but which must have very hard, what you can see from his wrinkled forehead, eyebrows raised and eyes wide open. Support it by example place a rolled up in U-shape towel under his arms, so that his chest located on the towel.
The hands open

In. 2 months, babies hands open.

Baby hands open gradually.

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Slowly the grasp reflex is back, because of the infant previously held always clenched into fists hands. No later than the end of the second month of the infant has his hands completely open.

Your baby now discovered the individual fingers of his hand by infected not only the whole hand, but sometimes individual fingers in his mouth.

The open hand creates the infant also the possibility for the first time consciously and not reflexively reach for things. Light objects can hold short.

Interact and conveying in the second month

Between the 4th and 6th week of life occurs in most infants for the first social smile. He is happy when someone looks at him in a friendly or responsive and "answers" with a smile or with gurgling sounds. Joy, he also expresses by kicking his legs or waving of the arms.

Yet you do not need your child to deal with baby toys. The baby rich the many new impressions and "talks" and cuddling with you completely. But mobile still are fascinating and stimulate the baby to track movements with his eyes. Some babies already are now trying to turn around for a toy. Encourage and assist it to prevent frustration arises.

Many infants are happy now have a baby massage. It provides relaxation and promotes sleep. In addition, your baby enjoys your closeness and warmth.
Checkup U3 - Four to five weeks after birth

The pediatrician examined in 4 to 6 weeks of age, the correct posture of the infant. In particular, the hip joints and the musculoskeletal system, he looks at it. In addition, the child's age-appropriate reactions are tested, eg. Hearing and eye response. Finally, the infant is again measured and weighed.
Video: This can your baby with the end of the 2nd month

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