Flea bites in humans

Fleas are in our latitudes, although not dangerous, but bring flea bites an unpleasant itching with it. Learn how to protect yourself and your children from the parasite and what you can do with flea bites.

The flea


human flea

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Fleas are parasites that are one to seven millimeters in size, and how to feed head lice blood of other creatures. With their enormous bounce of up to one meter, they can continue to move rapidly from host to host. While there are various flea species, such as the cat, dog and human flea, but fleas are not fussy generally in terms of their host. Adult fleas can survive up to two months without food. Most of all it has protected the Flea and warm between fur or hair.

Flea bites in humans no evidence of poor hygiene

The human flea, which can also transmit diseases, although widespread throughout the world, but largely extinct by the high standard of hygiene in Central Europe. Flea bites Therefore, here are the people more likely from other flea species. Especially pet owners unpleasant encounters with cat or dog fleas will know. But after a visit to the petting zoo, a child can get flea bites or fleas as unwanted souvenirs to take home. Once in the apartment fleas like to nest one in mattresses, upholstery, carpets and clothing and multiply there happily ever after. 

Flea bites occur in groups

Flea bites you acknowledge bright red, slightly raised spots that are about one centimeter in size and occur in groups or rows close together. The bites itch sometimes violently, so children tend to excessive scratching. Make sure that your child does not aufkratzt the bite marks to prevent infections due to the penetration of pathogens. 

Flea bites occur in groups

Flea bites can be easily confused with measles or an allergic reaction, which is why you should, where appropriate, seek the diagnosis of a physician.

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What can you do with flea bites

You should first be recommended by the doctor or the pharmacy an ointment that relieves the itching. Proven to itchy insect bites or eczema, for example, Fenistil gel or ointment Cardiosperum have. In cases of particularly extreme itching of the doctor may also prescribe medicines for oral use. Homeopathic remedies for this are as Sulfur D20 Trit. Weleda, calcium Quercus glob. Wala or Urtica comp. Glob. Wala.

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