Baby cold: Up to ten infections per year

Oh no, that little one's caught: Your nose is running, coughing it and it is dissatisfied with himself and the world. But do not worry, a cold when baby is usually not serious and occurs even quite often. How to help your baby colds.

Babies are prone to colds

A cold is already for us adults anything but pleasant: We feel listless, have pain, are whining and use in principle to anything. No wonder it hurts us parents in the soul, though our youngest offspring suddenly struggling with a troublesome runny noses and coughs. Here, a cold when baby is entirely normal. Up to ten infections per year can go through in the first two years of life children.

Baby cold: If the little ones have a cold and sore throat

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Because: Does the nest protection for, infants have the more than 200 known cold viruses oppose hardly anything. Your immune system has yet to develop and form antibodies against the unwanted pathogens. Therefore, babies are initially particularly susceptible to cold viruses that stand out Droplet and contact infection transfer. Usually it gets the kids for the first time between 3 and 6 months of age when they are mobile and anything stuck in the mouth (Keyword "oral stage").

Prevention can only partly a cold. Pay attention to a great extent hygiene and frequently wash their hands. Let your child as much as possible not in contact with infected people come and admonish you not to come too close ailing siblings, the baby for a few days.

But the whole, you can abgewinnen something positive: Each flu infection trains the immune system and strengthens the immune system of your child. 

Symptoms of a cold when Baby

A erkältetes Baby You acknowledge especially the typical common cold symptoms: Cough, runny nose, sneezing and general malaise. Possibly, the lymph nodes in the neck, neck, swollen behind the ears and under the armpits. Also light fever is often a side effect of colds in babies.

Your baby is certainly very fussy and cries a lot. No wonder, because it makes a stuffy nose still more to do than us adults. Infants can not breathe through the mouth, but are dependent on the nose breathing. Swell the nasal mucosa and secrete but increasingly narrowed the already tight the airways further. This makes breathing and drinking difficult.

In young children, it happens sometimes that the viruses migrate and the throat to the ears there earache, cause otitis media in the worst case. Other complications of a cold are a sinus infection, bronchitis or pneumonia. But do not worry, these are just the worst cases! If you act in time at an incipient cold your baby, then it will have the disease certainly survived after seven to ten days.

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Bye runny noses! Our 15 tricks to help children and adults to prevent a cold.

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