3-month colic in babies

Many infants who are struggling now and then with a stomach ache. But every tenth baby suffers in the first months of life so much from it that it gets violent scream attacks regularly. then referred to as the 3-month Koliken.Kurz after feeding it goes wrong: The baby is crying heartbreaking. Until his head starts crimson and Mama would mitweinen prefer - if they do not do that already. The little treasure can be calm barely. Are those the infamous three-month colic?

The typical signs

3-month colic: Mother and infant

The baby cries and is not calm.

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The names have the 3-month colic from the time of their occurrence: at worst, they are in the first three months of life, followed by the screaming fits take slowly. The end of the ninth month, it then have survived, most babies altogether.

is typical of the 3-month colic that the baby can not be so easily calm during the shrill Scream and wine attacks. The parents are very helpless against the whole for minutes or even hours: You have a cry baby. The kids scream mainly afternoon and evening and begin either already during drinking or shortly thereafter. Mostly her belly makes gurgling noises and they have bloating. Does the air from them seems to give a little relief. In addition, affected infants often show this behavior:

• alternate attraction and repulsion of the legs or hyperextension of the body
• fronds with the poor
• The hands are clenched into fists
• pained, red face
• screaming fits hear some point suddenly

The statistics show the way, that frequently suffer boys than girls under the 3-Montas colic.

To be sure that your child has the three-month colic, you should be able to exclude all other Scream reasons, ie Hunger, a full diaper, disease and care needs. Also, the KiSS syndrome (head joint-induced symmetry disorder) should be excluded from the doctor.
Suspected causes of the 3-month colic

Unfortunately there are not "the one" Reason. There is much speculation, but so far none of which all doctors and scientists could convince. Suspected to trigger the three-month colic, but focus particularly on:

• a still immature intestine of the baby, which leads to bloating
• Swallowed air by too hasty drinking
• flatulent foods (if absorbed through the mother's milk)
• Done milk formula which foam in the stomach because of certain additives
• rare: food sensitivities or other allergies

Or not is something at the digestion?

Some doctors are even convinced that the cry of attacks have nothing to do with abdominal pain and bloating, but are psychosomatic. So overstimulation and stress seek to make the kids scream for particularly sensitive children or communication problems between parents and child. In the case the screaming would be described as regulatory disorder and a hard abdomen and bloating would be the consequences of crying, not its cause.
When should your baby to the doctor

The 3-month colic are safe for the baby, as long as he drinks enough and probably thrives. Nevertheless, you should clarify the doctor with continued shouting that the pain has about disease-related causes. Otherwise, you should introduce your baby to a doctor if it

• does not increase enough weight,
• not drinking enough
• the cry suddenly sounds different
• the crying over three hours stops or
• added (fever, diarrhea, vomiting) scream other ailments.


We explain here the typical signals in the body language of your baby and be a little translator.

How you can help your baby with acute abdominal pain and what to look for prevention, we have summarized on the next page for you.

Overview: 3-month colic in babies

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