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Actress Annette Frier continues in German primary schools for children rights. In familie.de interview, she reveals why its so important ist.Welche rights have children? To sensitize primary school students in this subject, actress Annette Frier goes with them on a "World Tour for Children's Rights" (Www.wir-kinder-haben-rechte.de). Students learn a great deal about the situation of children in developing countries and learn the rights and laws for children in Germany and worldwide. In the joint action with the German Child Protection Association and ROLAND legal Annette Frier visited primary schools throughout Germany. familie.de could be there and met Annette Frier for an interview in elementary school at the Bern street in Munich.

familie.de: What moves you to campaign especially for this action?

Annette Frier: The action ROLAND legal protection together with the German Child Protection Agency was sympathetic to me from the beginning. I think it's great to go directly to the children in the schools to try to convey them more self-confidence and to say: You also have rights, just like adults! This is for the kids actually a new idea and does something to them. In my eyes it is actually the best suggestion that the children go with the children's rights passport home can talk to their parents and friends about it.

familie.de: You yourself have children, three year old twins. Ask for the two because even a certain rights, or they are already aware of their rights?

Annette Frier: Yes, but I demand at home also my rights. So, I have the feeling that we should sometimes speak of the rights of the adults at home. (Laughs) My instinct tells me that I have currently draw the line, and not my children.

familie.de: Two in one: What is everyday life with your twins?

Annette Frier: He's different from month to month. Whenever we have become used to a daily routine, he will be replaced by the next. so that happens a lot, that's the great thing. At the moment is the current situation that the children go to kindergarten. And we are back normal people and be part of the social life. Parents read newspaper and so on. (Laughs)

familie.de: Your currently known role is indeed that of a lawyer Danni Lowinksi. What do Danni and Annette common?

Annette Frier: Probably more than myself would like. I always play this role even half a year at a time. Since so much of my temperament and my character's inside. However biographically we have nothing in common. But of course the role is great because Danni also so is a little heroine. Since I already notice that it has socially some impact, so to play a role and also stands for something. And I would say that my social issues are very important. That is why I am all the more that I can play a role like this.

familie.de: On the Children's Audiobook "Kosmo & klax" borrow and author Alexandra Helmig Kosmo, Klax and Co. Their voices. Can you imagine to do even more in the children direction, so as to write a children's book or a play?

Annette Frier: That all depends on the content. Unfortunately, I would have at the moment for such projects no time. I recently with Michael Mittermeier "Bloody hell, a sleeping" read. So what makes enormous fun because you just certain freedoms, seen and linguistically. That is also the opportunity and challenge you as has in plays for children. Children have actually always like to change, on dialects and so on. But something just costs too much time. I had very great desire to rehearse with children plays. I did that as well during my theater training. I think it's great if teachers do that. Although this is a huge job, but it may be the children really something close to install which take until they are adults.

familie.de: Christmas is coming. What do you give your children and your husband for Christmas?

Annette Frier: The perfect gift for my husband I may, of course, here not reveal afterwards he reads the (laughs) For the children, we are planning a large trampoline for outdoor use.. From grandma, aunt, uncle and so on. Then there's a little something from us parents and that's it. We will keep that in context. Which is dear to us last year about the head. From this we have learned, hopefully.

familie.de: What do you want for Christmas?

Annette Frier: Where to start? Peace.

(Interview: Tanja Thurner)

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